Nishinosho, WAKAYAMA, JAPAN is one of useful place in WAKAYAMA.

There are supermarket and family restaurant and convenience store and some small shops.


Of course there is a station, NANKAI Kada Line.

We can get WAKAYAMA-SHI and Namba easily.


But the biggest problem is road.

Because most road are too narrow.

It is very difficult to drive car.


Hence Japanese people do not like this area.

Then property price is going down.


In contrast it is useful place for the tourists.

Because they can get Kada town and Namba also.

And Wakayama-shi station also.


Now Wakayama-shi station is getting bigger.

We can visit the to shopping and take a coffee or any other things.


For the tourists, they don’t dive car everyday.

they don’t matter about too narrow road.


And it is one of safe area in WAKAYAMA City.

Price: 4,000,000 JPY


Land size: 174.71 square meters.
Drive way: Direct.
Land category: Residential land.
Land classification: flat.
Connecting Road: Public.
Direction: East and North
Pavement: Paved.


Construction: Steal frame.
Building year: 1964
Floor area: 72.38 square meters.
Bed room: 3 bed rooms.

Legal Restrictions

Building coverage ratio: 60%
Floor area ratio: 160%
City Planing: category Ⅰ residential area

Household appliance

Water: Public
Gas: LPG
Waste water: Pit latrine (KUMITORI)
Car parking: Nothing
Present Conditions: Public
Payment and acceptance: Consultation.