When can we do picking strawberry?

There are a lot of fruit farm in WAKAYAMA.

One of most favorite fruit picking for tourist is “Strawberry”.

Most people love them, even Japanese.


Strawberry picking is very interesting experience in Japan.

You can get here about a hour and half or 2 hours from Kansai Airport.

Most farm will start strawberry picking from January to May every year.


You should ask them before you visit them.

Because it depends on weather and more.



Can we book for strawberry picking?

Yes, you can book strawberry picking.

And, You HAVE TO book them.


if you stay in WAKAYAMA HOUSE, we will help to book for you.

Of course you can book on internet.

But most farmers don’t have English web sites.


Some farmers will start to book from October.

You can book on October, but you can visit them January.

Do not misunderstand it.