Where should we stay with my family in Japan?

There is a good accommodation for family in WAKAYAMA.

We got a message from our guests.


Host is extremely responsive and answered all questions promptly. Thank you. Place is clean as well. Big enough for my Family of 7 for our trip.


It is easy to get Wakayama from Osaka and Kyoto.

You can get here about 1 hour by train. 


You can enjoy delicious and fresh fruit in here.

Of course you can enjoy strawberry picking in Wakayama.



Strawberry Picking in WAKAYAMA.

Picking strawberries in WAKAYAMA.



What should we do in WAKAYAMA?

You can drive here if you take a rent-a-car.

It is easy to drive in WAKAYAMA.

Because there are not so many cars in here.


Most tourist visit here by car from Osaka and Kyoto.

Then you can go to the SHIRAHAMA and KOYA-SAN, KUMANOKODO, KUMANO-HONGU and more.