WAKAYAMA has a lot of interesting places.
This is one of them.


What is “NISHIKI-GOI” ?

Nishiki-Goi is a Japanese vibrant-colored carp.

You can see them in WAKAYAMA.


They come in extremely beautiful colors of red, black, or sometimes gold.

You will surely admire the pretty patterns among them.


They are considered as the symbol of wealth and peace in Japan.


Where does the NISHIKI-GOIs live?


They live mostly in streams and ponds all around Japan.

But here, you can see something unusual.

The carps are swimming in rice fields!



We’re sure you’ll have a great time here.

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Baidu Map

(This is not the accurate place. It indicates the surroundings.)


It is near the NEGORO-DERA (Negoro Temple)

so be sure to stop by if you’re visiting by car!