WAKAYAMA has a lot of interesting places.

This is one of them.


What is “NISHIKI-GOI” ?

You can see Nishiki-Goi in WAKAYAMA.

Nishiki-Goi is colored carp.

We call “NISHIKI-GOI” in Japan.


They are very beautiful color.

For example,


Someone has only red.

Someone has God color.

Someone has red and black.


They have a lot of pattern.

You can enjoy to see them.


You can feel happy.

because, It is symbol of wealth and peace in Japan.


the carp, Where are NISHIKI-GOI live?


They live in a river and lakes.

And it is farmed around Japan.

Now this is unusual farm in Japan.


Because that is farmed carp in paddy feild.


You will have good time here.

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(It is not the right place. Indicates the surroundings.)


by the way,

It is near the NEGORO-DERA (Negoro temple)

when you visit by car, you must visit here also.