Wakayama is useful place in Japan.

Because it is easy to get here from KANSAI Airport.
And you get TOKUSHIMA easily from WAKAYAMA.

If you want vist Tokushima from Kansai airport, it takes about 5 hours by train.

it cost more than 10,000 yen.


But if you visit Tokushima from Kansai Aiprot via WAKAYAMA,

It takes about 3 hours.

It costs about 3,000 yen.



It is ferry port.

You get a car from airport, you take around wakayama.

SHIRAHAMA, KUMANO-KODO, KOYA-SAN, and any other place.

Of course you can take ferry with your car.


You should try to get ferry in Japan and visit WAKAYAMA and TOKUSHIMA.