WAKAYAMA, It’s getting easy.

If you want to have a property in Japan, this is one of good house.
Because, it is next to the Misaki Koen.

Misaki Koen is one of Big Park.
There is swimming pool and animals, and more.
The web site is here.

Airbnb, Hotel, you can do that.

Airbnb, Hotel, you can do that.

There are many rooms in this house.
You can park your cars here.

It takes about 10 minuets by walk from the station and Misaki-Koen.
When you rent a car in Osaka, it takes about 40 minuets by car from the Airport, Osaka.

It is easy to open your Hotel and Airbnb.
We can help you.

Of course there is no problem about the low of Hotel in Japan.
The city zoning is Category 2 Residential Area.

Property Details

Property Details

Fully furnished House
Price: 42,800,000 Yen (JPY).
Address: Tannowa, Misaki-cho, Sennan-Gun, Osaka.
Access: Takes about 10 minuets by walk from Nankai Misaki-Koen Station.

Ownership Type : Ownership.
Land size: 251 square mater.
Driveway: Direct.
Land category: Residential Land.
Land classification: Flat.
Coneecting Road: Public.
Direction: South.
Pavement: Pavemented.

Construction: Wooden.
Building year: 2017.
Architectural area: 159.4 square meters.
1st floor : 95.64 square meters.
2nd floor:63.76 square meters.
Bed rooms: 6 rooms.

Legal Restrictions
Buliding coverage ratio: 60%.
Floor area ratio: 200%.
Zoning: Category 2 Residential area.
City Planning: Urbanization are.

Household Appliance
Water: Public.
Gas: No gas. Electricity power only.
Waste water: Public.
Car Parking: 3
Present condition: Living by owner.
Payment and acceptance: consultation.


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