A lot of people visit Japan, they use Kansai International Airport.

It is in Osaka.


Now south of the Airport, Misaki-cho, and Wakayama are getting interesting.

Wakayama have a lot of world Heritage, Koya-san, Kumano-Kodo and more.


Osaka and Wakayama are planning to build a casino.

But it is not only casino, it is Integrated Resort like Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.


Property for SALE

There is a property in Misaki-cho.

You can do your accommodation business.

You don’t know Japanese, you don’t have time to do that?


Don’t worry about it. We can help you.


What is interesting around Misaki-cho and North of Wakayama?

You can have good time at there.


Because there is fishing park at there.

you can enjoy fishing with your kids.


Other reason,

KADA area is one of interesting area in WAKAYAMA.

It is not so far from central WAKAYAMA and the Airport.

You can get there about 30 minutes by car.


You can take fresh sea foods and hot spring, ONSEN.


If you have Tatto, there is a public bath, accept tatto in Kada.

Let’s enjoy the Japanese culture.


Buy a property and do Airbnb.

Your second house in Japan makes money for you.

Property in Misaki-cho, Osaka.