land for sale in KADA

1. You can build your house as you like.
2. Close to Kada Station
3.It will be a Good Property in Japan.

Property (for sale land) in Kada OPEN STREET MAP

You can build your house as you like.

You can buy land in Japan.
When you buy it, you can build your house as you like.
We can help you to do it.

We usually build LIFE LABEL brand house.
If you want to see a house, we can show you in Japan.

Close to Kada Station

The location is good.
It’s close to Nankai KADA station.
It’s a kind of Terminal station, easy to get off or take a train.

There are KADA beach.
You can walk from here.

LAND will be a Good Property in Japan.

When you have a house, we will manage your house.
You can start your airbnb in Japan.

Of course you can stay in your house when you visit Japan.
If you want to stay there, mail us.
We will keep the house at that time.
I mean we will stop to book for airbnb guests.

Traffic: 6 minutes by walk from NANKAI KADA Station

Site area: 161.00 square meter
Land classification: High ground
Architectural area:

Land title:Ownership
Land category:Residential land

City planning:Urban areas
Zoning:The first residential area

Building Coverage Ratio:60%
Floor Area Ratio:200%

Building year and month:
Car Parking:
Present situation:Vacant

Payment and Acceptance:Consultation
Contact Road: South and East
Water around equipment and others: