1. Do you still go to OOSAKA?
2. How to order?
3. TAKOYAKI is popular in WAKAYAMA.


Do you still go to OOSAKA?

In OOSAKA, what will you do?
to go to Oosaka-Jo?

yes, It’s so nice in Japan.
And you maybe take TAKOYAKI.

It is one of famous food in OOSAKA.
It’s so delicious.

But don’t forget it, you can take GOOD one in WAKAYAMA also.

How to order?

You walk to this shop by walk.
it’s straight from JR WAKAYAMA station.
It’s easy to find them.
It takes about 5 minutes.

They do not have a lot of seats.
You can order ” to go”.
when you want to brig it, you ask them “O-MO-CHI-KA-E-RI”.
Then they will pack for you to brig it out.

You have to take a your seat at first.
You should decide what do you want to eat.

They have only Japanese menu book.
Before you visit them, ask me first.
We’ll help you to order.

After finish to eat,
you can ask check in the entrance.
Please say, “GOCHISO-SAMA”.
Then they will show your receipt for you.

When you go out of the restaurant,

TAKOYAKI is popular in WAKAYAMA.

TAKOYAKI is famous in OOSAKA.
But in WAKAYAMA also famous.

Because, WAKAYAMA is next to Osaka.
There are a lot of people from Osaka.

They work in WAKAYAMA, or They live in WAKAYAMA.
That is a one of reason, Osaka culture and WAKAYAMA culture is similar.

When you visit here, you should try it.
and try to how many similar point you can find between Osaka and Wakayama?

Of course language in Osaka and Wakayama is very similar.
But you don’t understand them.
A lot of Japanese people don’t understand also.

Have good time in WAKAYAMA.

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