6 rooms house

1. Best place for your Airbnb in Japan.
2. 6 rooms in your house.
3.How to get the house?

6 rooms ( 6LDK ) house in WAKAYAMA OPEN STREET MAP

Best place for your Airbnb in Japan.

You can get here from Nankai WAKAYAMA-SHI station.

it’s easy to get here from that station.
and there is a supermarket near the house.

And there are 2 convenience stores around the house.
You will not worry about grocery, when you stay in Japan.

6 rooms in your house.

There are 6 rooms.
when you come with 2 family, it is good for you.

and you can park in the land.
when you have a car or rent a car,
you can stay there.


How to get the house?

You can take taxi from NANKAI WAKAYAMA-SHI Station.
When you take a walk, it takes about 20 minutes.

This house have 2 entrance, big balcony.
The supermarket is very close.
The shopping mall also close, you can get there by walk.


Traffic: by walk from NANKAI WAKAYAMA-SHI Station

Site area: 105.05 square meter
Land classification:Flat
Architectural area: 112.14 square meter

Land title:Ownership
Land category:Residential land

City planning:Urban areas
Zoning:The first residential area

Building Coverage Ratio:60%
Floor Area Ratio:200%

Building year and month: May, 1982
Car Parking: 1
Present situation:Vacant

Payment and Acceptance:Consultation
Contact Road: North, East
Water around equipment and others: two entrance