Iwade city is next to the Osaka.

It is easy to get here by car. There is a good road easy to drive for tourists.

And there are many supermarkets and direct sales store from vegetable firmer or fruits firmer.

You can get good food with good price here.


Price: 2,800,000 JPY


Land size: 635.13 square meters.
Drive way: Direct.
Land category: Residential land.
Land classification: Flat.
Connecting Road: Public.
Direction: Northeast
Pavement: Paved.


Construction: Wooden.
Building year: Unknown
Floor area: Unknown square meters.
Bed room: 5 bed rooms.

Legal Restrictions

Building coverage ratio: 70%
Floor area ratio: 200%
City Planing: —

Household appliance

Water: Public
Gas: LPG
Waste water: Pit latrine (KUMITORI)
Car parking: a small car
Present Conditions: Vacant
Payment and acceptance: Consultation.