1. Robata-yaki “ABURA-BOZU”
2. How to order?
3. How to get there?


Robata-yaki “ABURA-BOZU”

ROBATA-YAKI is kind of barbecue.
They use charcoal for their cooking for you.
But they have a lot of kind foods.
It looks like IZAKAYA.

When you want to go to IZAKAYA,
You should go like this restaurant.
Especially sea foods are nice.

How to order?

They are traditional style.
When you have seats, you should ask them what do you want to eat.
They will prepare menu with photos.

but before they prepare, ask us please.
we will help you to order and visit here.

How to get there?

The address is
〒640-8269 Wakayama-ken, Wakayama-shi, Komatsubaradōri, 1 Chome

it is little far from NANKAI WAKAYAMA-SHI station.
you should take a taxi.
it is not so expensive from there.

Of course when you will come to here from JR WAKAYAMA,
You should take a taxi.

It is unuseful place for you, tourist,
But you should visit here when you have time.