For sale house / TANO, WAKAYAMA-SHI / 2018-08-15

For sale house in Tano

1.For sale house
2.Japanese style house
3.Renovated house
For sale house

For sale house

You can see the sea.
It’s close to the beach. You can enjoy barbecue at there.

Japanese style house

There are traditional Japanese TATAMI room.

Renovated house

It’s kind of new toilet and bathroom.

Price:3,000,000 JPY
Traffic:1 min from Bus stop “TANOURANAKAMICHI”

Site area:72 square meter
Land classification:Slope

Architectural area:74.07 square meter
Land title:Ownership

Land category:Residential land
City planning:urbanization control area

Building Coverage Ratio:70%
Floor Area Ratio:200%

Building year and month:1979
Car Parking:Nothing
Present situation:Vacant house

Payment and Acceptance:Consultation
Contact road:West 1.4m
Water around equipment and Others:Electric water heater, toilet, bath


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