Kominka Renovation project in WAKAYAMA.

The KOMINKA is one of Japanese treasure.

But some KOMINKA are not good condition.

Because nobody live at there.

Then the KOMINKA is getting bad so soon.


KOMINKA in Kainan City

There is good KOMINKA in Kainan City.

Kainan City is next to the WAKAYAMA City.

It is not so far from Wakayama Marina City.

Someone say, The Casino in Japan will be in WAKAYAMA Marina City.

If the Casino will be there, Kainan is getting interesting area also.

We have a KOMINKA in Higashibata, Kainan.

It is not far from Kansai International Airport.

It takes about 1 hour.

Recruitment of new owner.

We started Renovation project at there.

Then we want to new owner of that.

We will make some interesting spot.

But we can not tell more details about that.


If you help us, please contact us.

This is details about the property.

“KOMINKA Property in Kainan, WAKAYAMA.”


Hope to see you soon.