1.What is Nogawa?
2.KOMINKA in Nogawa detail.

1.What is Nogawa?

Wakayama has a lot of small town.

Nogawa is one of that.


Why does WAKAYAMA have a lot of town name?

Because it is one of traditional Prefecture in Japan.

You know, there is one of famous castle WAKAYAMA-JO in here.

The town name mean old traditional culture in Japan.

As a result we keep old traditional town name.


Some other prefecture in Japan, they changed old town name.

They never know old town name, they just know present town name.


Nogawa is North part of WAKAYAMA city, close to the JR MUSOTA Station.

JR MUSOTA station is 2 stops from JR WAKAYAMA Station.

When you take rapid train, it is 1 stop from JR WAKAYAMA.


Therefore it is useful place.

easy to go to OSAKA and WAKAYAMA.


2.KOMINKA in Nogawa detail.

Price: 10,800,000 JPY



Land size: 297.53 square meters.
Drive way: Direct.
Land category: Residential land.
Land classification: Hill.
Connecting Road: Private.
Direction: West.
Pavement: Paved.



Construction: Wooden.
Building year: March, 1982.
Architectural area: 150.07 square meters.
Bed room: 6 bed rooms.


Legal Restrictions

Building coverage ratio: 50%.
Floor area ratio: 100%.
City Planing:Area designated for urbanization.
category Ⅰ exclusive low building residential zone.


Household appliance

Water: Public.
Gas: LPG.
Waste water:Public.
Car parking:1
Present Conditions: Vacant
Payment and acceptance: Consultation.