Good property in Wakayama.
Kind of Japanese traditional house.

Good property in Wakayama.


Good property in Wakayama.

Price: 6,900,000 JPY
Traffic:20 minutes by walk from JR Musota station.
Address: Musota, Wakayama-SHI, Wakayama-KEN, JAPAN

Site area: 280.78 square meter
Land classification: Hill
Architectural area: 109.71 square meter

Construction: wooden
Bedrooms:5 bedrooms.
Land title: Ownership
Land category: Residential land

City planning: Urbanization area
Zoning: low-rise exclusive residential area category Ⅰ

Building Coverage Ratio: 50%
Floor Area Ratio: 100%

Building year and month: September, 1971
Car Parking:2
Present situation: Vacant

Payment and Acceptance: Consultation
Contact Road:  East

Kind of Japanese traditional house.

Not too old, Not too new.
It is good stay and feel Japanese traditional house in Wakayama.

It is not too cold and not too hot.
Easy to live and stay here.

There is a mountain near by this house.
You can enjoy at there.

The road is not too narrow.
When you drive to the car, you can park here easily.
Of course the taxi driver will get here soon.