Propery in WAKAYAMA

1.Property in Nishinosho is good?
2. How’s life in Nishinosho?
3.We can do Airbnb around there?

1. Property in Nishinosho is good?

You can take NISHINOSHO about 1 hour from KIX (KANSAI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT) by train.
It’s very useful place here.
You can have relax and play with your kinds in the park.

You can take a beach and surfing at ISONOURA BEACH.

2. How’s life in Nishinosho?

There are some super market, grocery shops around here.
And there are bank, restaurants also.

It’s safe to ride bicycle and take a walk, jogging.
There are a lot of Cherry Blossoms.
You can enjoy to see Cherry Blossoms in Spring around here.

3. We can do Airbnb around there?

It’s good to take by car.
When you have a travel with your family or some friends,
This house is good for stay.

When you buy this house,
we can manage your house to clean.
It will looks like new.

Price: 6,300,000 Yen
Traffic: 6 minutes by walk from NANKAI NISHINOSHO Station

Site area:152.06 square meter
Land classification:flat
Architectural area: 97.62

Land title:Ownership
Land category:Residential land

City planning:Urban areas
Zoning:First class low-rise residential area

Building Coverage Ratio:60%
Floor Area Ratio:200%

Building year and month:1966
Car Parking:over 1
Present situation:Vacant house

Payment and Acceptance:Consultation
Contact Road: North
Water around equipment and others: