WAKAYAMA Properties for SALE, There are.

You can buy a houses and land in WAKAYAMA, JAPAN.
We will help that and we will help for your airbnb, hotel business.

When you don’t want to do that, don’t worry.
We can manage your house, we can keep clean and safely.
When you visit your house in Japan, we will call taxi for you.

Why WAKAYAMA Properties are good?
Because, it’s close to KIX ( KANSAI INTERNATINAL AIRPORT).

You can get here by High way bus and, Train.
There are 2 kind of train.
The one is JR, the other one is NANKAI.

Both of train are easy to get OSAKA.
WAKAYAMA have a good history and a lot of fresh fruits, of course nature also.

There are beautiful mountains and river and sea.
Hot springs also.

You know Koya-san is in WAKAYAMA.
There are a lot of world Heritage in here.

You can enjoy here and save your property.