Helpful in WAKAYAMA

Helpful in WAKAYAMA place we are.

We got a message from customer.
“Nice place, big and clean, very helpful with anything.”
"Nice place, big and clean, very helpful with anything" Airbnb in WAKAYAMA.

April, 2018


We really appreciate for their voice.
They used free parking.

Our parking is enough for most customers.
We have free car parking.
you can park two 8-seaters cars.

You can enjoy in Shirahama and Tanabe-city from here by car.
There are a lots of hot springs.

Of course you can see Kumano-kodo and Shirahama beach.

and WAKAYAMA marina city, Kuroshio Market is not far from our place.
It taks about 30 minutes by car.

If you rent a car, it’s easy to stay and enjoy in Wakayama.

You don’t rent a car, don’t worry about it.
I have a 8 seaters car.
If I have a time for you, I can take you around in Wakayama.

And there is a Isonoura Beach.
It takes about 30 minuets from my place by train.
Here is one of famous spot for surfing.

If you want to buy a house and estate around there,
you can but someone.

In that case, ask me that.
See this page.

Free parking in front of hotel. Good for using car and family” in Wakayama Airbnb

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