How to start airbnb in Japan. How to get the house in Japan.

  1. Get a House in Japan.
  2. Get furniture
  3. Apply to Government
  4. Open your house in Airbnb
  5. How much is Management fee?


Get a house in Japan.

We support your life and business in Japan.
You can get a second house in WAKAYAMA, JAPAN.

When you are not in Japan, we will manage your place for airbnb and other sites.

We will show you real estate in WAKAYAMA.
We are a real estate professional and speaking English, Chinese.

If you don’t visit Japan quickly,
We will show you many photos and videos.
We can take 360 degree video (VR).

How to start airbnb in Japan. How to get the house in Japan.

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Get furniture

You can get some furniture from your country.

If you need some help, I will do.
We have Interior designer.
You can ask your request.

Apply to Government

We can ask Public health center and fire department.
I will investigate about your place before you buy.

I will discuss it in detail what do you want to do.
Do you want to do in just airbnb?

Do you want to do like hotel?
In this case we can open your hotel 365 days per year.
However, in this case, it is costly.

Open your Airbnb or Hotel

Register in Airbnb, agoda and and the other service.
We can do that and taking photos.

After that
we can keep clean and mail for the guests for your place.
When you visit here, you can use that as your home.
How do you think of that?
It is very useful home.
If you work on Internet business, you will not want to go back your home.
Please stay as you please.


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How much is Airbnb Management fee?

Please check this page.