How do we start Airbnb in WAKAYAMA?

In WAKAYAMA, you can start your Airbnb easily.
Because, The property, house and land are very cheap in here.
There are many “KOMINKA” also.

They have a lot of nature, fruits and more.
Osaka and Airport, Kansai International Airport (KIX) are near WAKAYAMA. Takes about 1 hour by car.

You can rent a vehicle and drive when you have an international driver’s license.

When you take these steps, you can do you Airbnb in Japan.

1.Buy property (house).
The brokerage fee is about 3~5% of your property’s price.

2.Ask fire depertment or any other place.
it cost about at least 1,000,000 JPY *1
We will keep 100,000 JPY at first. it is non refundable.

3.Get furnitures
4.Investigation by officials
5.Get a licence

6.Take a picture of your house and make a Listing page on Airbnb
7.Make House Rules and manuals for your house.
it cost about 20,000 JPY.

Hotel license, you need?

When you will start Airbnb, like hotel, You must ask some officer.
We can help that.
In that case, we need emergency lights, and fire alarm system in your property.

How much is Management fee?

Property Management Fee is 20% of sales in a month.

We do booking management and cleaning, arrange tour guide and taxi and town information for tourist.

And we will do security patrol when it got a typhoon or any other things.

Lowest costs is 10,000 JPY. 

We will receive house cleaning fee from Airbnb guests.
When you use your property. you want to ask us for cleaning.
We will receive cleaning fee from you.

Ask us anything.